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Transport & Logistics plays a major role in Australia’s economy thanks to the fact that it’s a critical part of complex supply chains across a huge range of industries. Overall demand for rail, air and sea freight transport has increased over the past five years with industry revenues now approaching $9 billion, dwarfed by the dominant road freight industry which generates revenues of $49 billion per year. And just like other industries enjoying sunnier economic conditions, Transport & Logistics is set to experience increased growth as customer demand grows and businesses scale their inventories.

But the industry in 2019 is a different beast to the one it was a decade ago. As with any industry, the Transport & Logistics one has not been immune to disruption. Legacy logistic businesses have been quietly transforming into dynamic, data-centric service companies as advances in technologies have been embraced by innovative leaders and as forward-thinking, next-generation companies are making global supply chains more customer-focused, smarter, faster, more transparent and sustainable.

Heightened customer expectations have impacted the entire supply chain and increased its complexity. Now, there’s an increased customer demand for customisation, the expectation of faster, more flexible deliveries and track and trace capabilities.

Digital disruption thanks to cloud-based flexibilities and visibilities has enabled the emergence of new concepts such as “elastic logistics”, where logistics capabilities are expanded or shrunk on demand and in response to market conditions.

Challenges for the industry include establishing “omnichannel” solutions for fulfilment, building next-gen technology stacks that leverage existing investments, and dealing with ever-evolving globalisation, data security, and auditability and compliance issues.

To be successful in this industry, companies need an experienced workforce and high quality personnel management. And this is where we step in: Stream Recruitment are market leaders in assisting Transport & Logistics companies to find outstanding talent.

Why choose Stream?

  • National (AU) and International Coverage (NZ)
  • Extensive network in International Freight, Wharfage, Shipping, Domestic Transport, Supply-Chain & eCommerce

Our Transport & Logistics clients include:

  • Fully-Integrated Supply-Chain
  • Global Freight Forwarders
  • Domestic Transport
  • Wharfage
  • Shipping
  • Supply-Chain
  • eCommerce

Positions we recruit:

  • Operational:
    • Import/Export
    • Customs
    • Customer Service
    • Contract Logistics
    • Warehouse Management
    • Supply-Chain Management
    • Support
    • Program Management
    • Invoicing/Finance/Accounting
    • Logistics Analysts
  • Sales:
    • Sales Management
    • Business Development Management
    • Account Management
  • Executive:
    • Director
    • Managing Director
    • Country Manager
    • General Management
    • Branch Management

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