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One of Australia’s most prosperous and lucrative industries, the technology sector spans all businesses operating in the digital sphere, whether engaging in e-mail or providing IT-related goods and services across a huge variety of industries.

Australia’s digital economy has been booming over the past five years, with the domestic e-commerce market value predicted to reach $32.56 billion this year. Our ‘digital consumption surge’ -thanks to Australians being savvy, heavy users of the internet and enthusiastic adopters of an online-driven lifestyle--has seen Australia become the second largest online population in the Asia-Pacific region.

This booming industry has seen strong demand for great talent across all industries and roles as AI, the IoT and automation drive the need for highly-trained Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) professionals.  In fact, over 60,000 new ICT roles were created over the past three years, aided by the influx of US and UK tech start-ups establishing their footprint in Australia.

In this talent-driven recruitment landscape, businesses are looking for developers with strong JavaScript skills, or full stack engineers adept at both front and back end as well as middleware. Software has dramatically shifted away from legacy on-premise solutions to 21st-century cloud solutions, with development tools and coding languages constantly evolving. Highly sought after? Tech talent with skillsets incorporating HCM software, Financial Software, Mar-Tech, LMS Software, Legal Software, Accounting Software, ERP Software, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Experience Software, and Workflow solutions.

Why choose us?

We partner with businesses to grow and scale their sales teams and make sure we are placing top performers who are pure revenue generators and can contribute in more ways than one.

Stream consulting are a leader in Australia for scaling teams for both Technology startups and established vendors.

We’re recruiting for start-ups to well-established Fortune 500 businesses.

Positions we recruit:

  • Sales Development Representatives
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Success
  • Business Development Managers
  • Account Executive
  • Account Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Directors

To speak with one of our Tech consultants, please call:

Radé​ Radinovich+61 450 576 774
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