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All businesses are keenly aware of the importance of branding and are concerned with how to translate that into effective display solutions for their company. It’s no surprise that the signage industry continues to grow—not just the digital signage industry with its knockout next-gen products, but also the printed signage industry. It’s clear that signage, whether in physical or digital form, is here to stay. But there are now a staggering range of options available to businesses and other consumers of signage. Beyond flyers and flags, we’ve moved to interactive digital kiosks, digital directory boards, LED video walls and cloud-based digital signage solutions, with a greatly enhanced technical support service industry growing alongside.

According to B&T, the Outdoor Media Association has revealed that net revenue for the out-of-home advertising industry grew at 4.5% per annum in 2017, racking up eight consecutive years of growth. Digital out-of-home signage (for example, roadside billboards) made up almost half of total net media revenue for that year. The results are said to demonstrate that out-of-home signage continues to be a strong channel in companies’ media mix.

The skills shortage means there has been a massive increase in jobs available in the industry. With so much competition, it’s critical for your business to stand out. But Stream can help. We’re an industry-specialist recruiter which gives you the best chance at finding talent and securing that talent.

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The size of the paper, printing, publishing and graphic communications industry remains one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Australia, employing over 110,00 people in 5,800 businesses with a production value of over $32 billion. However, the industry continues to experience challenges caused by digital disruption and technological change, together with the decline in traditional processes. While improvements in technology have produced better sustainability outcomes and cost efficiencies, consumer behaviour has shifted so that information is preferably located through online platforms rather than via physical printed materials. This has obviously impacted revenues with forecasters suggesting print industry revenues will decline at 2.3% per annum until 2022.

But while demand has reduced, the majority of businesses feel printing will stay a part of daily business, citing customer and supplier preferences for paper communications as well as an ongoing need for physical signatures. Further, new industry specialisations have arisen, for example in multimedia or print production support.  So rather than disappear entirely it is expected that physical printing will continue to supplement digital products and services. Two of the largest markets, advertising and publishing, have been accelerating their shift to online channels in the past five years, but while digital news media readership has continued its fast-paced growth, for now, print still has a higher reach than digital. Despite this, the industry is beset with declining advertising revenues, terminations of print publications and merger activity in the sector.

The print industry has seen a fall in employment in recent years, however, employment growth for Graphic and Web Designers is predicted to continuing growing between now and 2023. Illustrators, too, are predicted to experience an increase in jobs. And as companies invest in R&D and training programs, they expect employees to be multi-skilled across the emerging technologies as well as the variety of traditional equipment used.

Why work with us?

Stream Creative is one of the largest Signage & Graphics recruitment teams across Australia catering for increased demand from our clients.

Our consultants conduct our business face-to-face. We meet every client and interview every candidate where geographically possible. We have a unique insight into the market trends and the ability to service our clients’ requirements quickly and effectively.

With a long-standing history, we have worked through many booms and bust economic cycles and remain firmly committed as a professional recruitment partner to industry specialists throughout their careers.

Our clients:

We work closely with some of the industry’s largest and smallest signage businesses. As a boutique business ourselves, we have an inherent understanding and empathy of the workings of small to medium enterprises while effectively servicing the larger scale requirements of larger practices.

Roles we recruit for:

In this sector the roles we recruit for include:

  • Sales:
    • Business Developments Managers
    • Account Managers
    • Project Managers
  • Production:
    • Management
    • Designers
    • Production Hands
    • Estimators
    • Installation teams
      • Sales Account Management
      • Sales Business Development
      • Sales Management
      • Estimator
      • Print Operators
      • Print Finishers
      • Graphic Artists
      • Production Managers
      • Production Co-Ordinators
      • Operations Managers

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