Meet the team

James Slaven

Managing Consultant Sales, Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement Consumer & Tech

James began his working life with a career in Sales, B2B and B2C, spanning over 9 years.  Sales suits him, he is great at building relationships and has a natural curiosity about people as anyone who knows him will tell you.   

After a lucrative sales career in the UK, James relocated to Australia in 2015 and was drawn to recruitment as he saw it as an opportunity to build a business network and become an expert in something.   His first specialist area was Supply Chain and Logistics and he partnered with some iconic brands for over 5 years before taking the leap to join Stream Consulting Group, which offered autonomy within a high performance and team orientated environment, with the intention of branching out into Sales, something he knows like the back of his hand.   

With the support of the Group, James specialises in Software Sales and is busy creating his own brand and Stream team.  Sales is a language James understands intimately given his background and he is passionate about building long term relationships and helping his partners build their teams, whilst at the same time supporting the career trajectory of many Salespeople Australiawide.