Meet the team

Becky Brown

Consultant, Marketing & Health

With a background in Marketing from the UK, Becky travelled to Australia in 2013, began working in Sales and found herself immersed into the world of Recruitment after a colleague suggested she would be perfect for it. 

Becky’s first Recruitment break in Australia was with Chandler McLeod where she received world class training and solid foundations on which she has built her career. 

For the past 5 years Becky has been on a career trajectory including temp recruitment in Business Support and Not for Profit specialist agencies.  With a background in marketing it was a natural progression then for her to lean towards specialisation in a familiar area and she recruited internally for Marketing roles within a Creative Agency until finally finding her way to Stream Consulting Group, preferring the smaller agency team environment. 

Becky is an integral part of the Stream Team and armed with a toolbox of tricks earned over the past 5 years has established her own business network within Sales & Marketing autonomously whilst being collaboratively supported by her colleagues.